How the Law of Attraction Can Help You Ace Your Exams

If you’re like most students, you probably approach exams with a degree of anxiety and worry. You’re anxious because you don’t know if you’ve prepared enough and worried because you’re afraid that you won’t do well. While exam anxiety and worry are perfectly normal, they are not a requirement for your success. In fact, you CAN do away with these negative emotions AND still achieve phenomenal success in your exams.

How? By being prepared and applying the Law of Attraction. In its basic sense, the Law of Attraction (LOA) is about being confident that you will achieve the best results, even before you achieve them. It is also about giving your best effort in every moment and believing that you will succeed. The Universe is always listening to your thoughts, words and actions. And whatever you think, say and do, the Law of Attraction will give you more of it.

Here’s how you can get started:

Tip #1 – Do the work and study
The Law of Attraction is one of the most natural laws in the universe, but it will not work for you if you don’t do anything at all. Remember, it’s not a quick fix formula or miracle that can help you through an exam that you haven’t studied for. In order to magnetise the Law of Attraction, you must apply “affirmative action.” This simply means you must prepare yourself with the right knowledge and skills, as well as a high level of optimism. This is your first step.

Tip # 2 – Have faith
The lack of faith and confidence is something that often sabotages even the most well-meaning and hardworking students. You can make all the preparations you want, but if you constantly have doubt and fear, you can’t perform at your best. To counter your feelings of fear and doubt, adopt a positive and happy attitude, no matter how big the exam is. As you study, have full faith that you’re going to do your best in the exam and get the best results. The more you get into action by doing your revisions, the more confidence you’ll build. As the saying goes “the more I practice, the luckier I get”

Tip # 3 – Be accountable

As a student, you must realise that no one else is responsible for getting you better grades in your exams. Only YOU can make that happen. Therefore, learn to accept the responsibility. Take a look at where you are now and how much time you have until that big exam. This is your reality, figure out what you need to do and get started right away purposefully.

Tip # 4 – Practice positive affirmation

To become more confident in your own abilities, practice positive affirmation. This is how you do it -Each time you open a book or turn on your computer to study, say to yourself, “I am confident and I have faith that this is my best study. I am going to do my best in this exam.” It may feel silly at first, but once you make it a habit, it will come naturally to you and it will feel good.

Tip # 5 – Tap into your intuition

Unless you possess a photographic memory, it is impossible for you to memorise entire books from cover to cover. Therefore, students often struggle with figuring out what to study for their exams. Before you begin studying, take some time to think about the topics that may come up in your upcoming exam. Listen to your intuition and then make the necessary preparation. Your intuition is the universe’s way of showing you the way.

Tip # 6 – Visualise your success

Each day, take 10-15 minutes to meditate and clear your mind. You can do it in the morning, evening or just before bed. If you’re not sure how to meditate, ask your parents for help in finding a brief guided-meditation recording. Once you’ve finished your meditation, visualise that you are studying with a happy attitude and that everything you are studying is being stored in your mind.

Tip #7 – Counter those negative thoughts and emotions

You are a human being, made of flesh and blood. You have thoughts and emotions, and some of them will be negative. No matter how positive you are, they will crop up time and again. So how do you handle it? Whenever you feel scared or have nagging doubt, say “Thank you” and think of happy things in your life. This will re-programme your subconscious mind to be more confident and deserving of happiness, fulfilment and success.

We leave you now with this thought – You are the most deserving person out there to ace that exam! Keep this in your mind and study well with happiness in your heart and optimism on your mind.

Steps to healing yourself

Have you ever felt really tired and worn out? Like you didn’t have the energy or mood to get up and do anything at all? If you’ve felt this way before, perhaps it’s one of those occasions when the demands of student life have gotten the better of you. But if this happens, please don’t feel bad. Rest assured it happens to the best of us and the good news is there are steps you can take to get your mind and body back on track.

What you need during these tough times is “healing,” to be exact, physical and spiritual healing, which you can achieve with the Law of Attraction.

How does it work? Well, think of it this way. How you feel, be in on the inside (spiritual) or outside (physical), is very often a direct reflection of what’s going on deep in your mind. So you could say that your mind may be the root of the issues you might be experiencing, such as a lack of energy and focus, or moodiness and irritability.

So by gaining better control of your thoughts, you can attract wellbeing and resolve the health issues you’ve been facing. The power to feel better, stronger, healthier and be more active and focused is within YOU. And here’s how YOU can tap into the incredible power of your own mind and thoughts to heal yourself from the inside out:

Pump up the affirmations

To get your mind and body on the right track, you can start by using positive affirmations. To do this, take some time out of your day to talk to yourself. Clear your mind and say to yourself words like: “I love my body and I take good care of it;” or “I am healthy, energetic and focused,” and, “My body is healing itself naturally.” You can come up with your own affirmations and repeat them to yourself regularly.

Boost with deep breathing

You breathe to stay alive, but did you know that breathing can also be an emotional release to ease stress and heal? Done correctly, deep breathing therapy can help you to relax and boost your natural immune system, which triggers self healing. All you need to do is to slowly take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat this breathing pattern for 10 to 15 minutes. Try to do this at least once a day, preferably at the same time and in a quiet spot, to reap the most benefits.

Power up visualisations

Once you’re comfortable with deep breathing, you can practice visualisations. To visualise, you only need to imagine something in your mind, in great detail. So to self heal, for example, you can imagine yourself in a peaceful place. You are lying down comfortably and a bright light appears above your head. As it moves down towards your feet, you can feel its gentle warmth pushing all the negative feelings and pain out of your body. If you like, imagine the light passing over you several times. At the end of the visualisation, you should feel refreshed. Practice these visualisations regularly.

 Let go of the negatives

Each day, you carry around emotional garbage, like anger, jealousy and hate. But unlike normal garbage, which you get rid of regularly, you tend to hold onto emotional garbage. The build up of these negative thoughts cause your body to release stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which can disrupt your natural immune system. Therefore, it’s crucial to let go of the negatives. You can do this by being more forgiving, focusing on the good things in life, being thankful and looking for silver linings in every negative thing that comes your way.

To further develop your positive mindset, it’s best to work with a coach. In order to help students understand how their minds can influence the way they function in daily life, we’ve designed the HeadStart programme to help them fully appreciate their own mental strength.  Through performance coaching, we help students to manifest healing for themselves through a systematic approach and practice. This equips students with a unique blend of effective tools and techniques that help them to perform at their fullest potential!

Self-love and the Law of Attraction

Growing up is hard to do and if you ask any adult, they’ll admit that life wasn’t always carefree in their youth. More likely than not, their teenage years were a challenge. Adolescence is a time when insecurity may be at its peak and to make things worse, your peers can be an insensitive bunch. But more likely than not, you are your own worst critic. When you look into a mirror, you may not like what you see, especially when you compare yourself to others. It is through these challenging times that you tend to forget to “love yourself.”

When you stop loving yourself, you are more likely to blame yourself for things that don’t go well in your life, no matter how small. And when your problems become the focus of your life, you will feel like a failure, and you will love yourself even less. Once you’ve entered into this vicious cycle, it is hard to get out of it, and it could lead to anxiety and depression.

A sense of happiness

One of the most important keys to making the Law of Attraction work for you is self love. We’re not talking about narcissism and conceit, where you think you’re the better than everyone else. We are referring to a sense of happiness and contentment with who you are right now, even if there are things that you’d like to improve upon. Nurturing a healthy, happy and loving relationship with yourself is crucial to your overall wellbeing, as well as your relationships with others.

But on a different level, when you don’t love yourself, the law of attraction takes note of this. You are telling the universe that you aren’t deserving of the things you want most in your life. Whatever vibe you emanate, the universe will give you more of it. So when you love yourself, the universe will align to your energy and the law of attraction will help you to get what you want.


Steps to loving yourself

You should know that the power to create, manifest and live the life of your dreams is in no one else’s hands, but your own. There are many steps you can take to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, such as:

  1. Shift your focus – Instead of focusing on the things that you dislike about yourself, learn to look for things that you do like.
  2. Get to know yourself – To get to know yourself, develop your interests, try new things and care for yourself. Pay attention to what your mind, body and spirit are telling you.
  3. Accept, forgive and be kind to yourself – No matter what happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is ok to make mistakes and learn from them. By being kind to yourself, you will learn what experiences you want or don’t want to have in your life.
  4. Do things that you love – Pay attention to the activities that you enjoy doing. When you do what you love, you feel free and fulfilled. Always take some time out of your day to nurture your interest and to find new ones.
  5. Open yourself to personal growth – A crucial part of self-love is personal growth. If you’re not good at something, you can always get better at it with practice and effort. And even when you’re really good at something, there is always room for improvement. So open your heart and mind, and actively seek out new discoveries and experiences.

If you find that you need more help in learning to love yourself, and to tap into the Law of Attraction, it is best to work with a certified coach. To find out how our coaches can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!