Body language

How to communicate well without speaking.

As a teenager and student, you’ve probably become aware of how important communication can be in daily life. Whether you’re speaking up in class, talking to your parents at home, or hanging out with your friends, effective communication can offer you a wealth of knowledge, opportunities and experiences. But why is it so important for us to communicate well?

Firstly, communication is the foundation of good relationships. By being a good speaker and listener, you are able to share interests, dreams and concerns with others, as well as give and receive support. This is why the Law of Attraction emphasises upon good thoughts and words.

However, speaking, or verbal communication, is only part of how you communicate. The other part is your body language, or non-verbal communication. Everything from your facial expressions and how you walk, to your posture and your tone of voice, can indicate how you’re feeling on the inside.

But your body language doesn’t just affect other people, it affects you too. Therefore, to be more confident and successful, your body language must attract those traits. We can all benefit from improving the way we communicate, so here are some tips on how to communicate well using your body language:

Face: Keep your face relaxed and don’t wear a slight smile, with your eyebrows slightly raised. This conveys confidence and friendliness without anxiety.

Eyes: Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so if you’re speaking to someone, maintain comfortable eye contact. This conveys that you are interested in the conversation. However, avoid staring; it is ok to look away occasionally.

Posture: Whether you’re sitting or standing, maintain a fairly relaxed posture with your arms and legs uncrossed. This signifies that you’re at ease with yourself.

Body: When speaking to someone, face them. Lean towards them a little to indicate that you’re actively listening, and avoid looking up to or down on them.

Shoulders: If you’re someone who often shrugs, stop doing it. This small movement indicated to others that you either don’t know or don’t care.

Distracting gestures: Avoid making distracting gestures, like fidgeting with a pen, glancing at papers, or tapping your feet or fingers.

Affirmative gestures: Nod your head in agreement, smile at something funny, and laugh when appropriate. These simple gestures show empathy and lets people know that you’re on their side.

Fingers: Don’t point your fingers as you speak, as it looks like you’re blaming someone or something. Instead, steeple your fingers by pressing your fingertips together and keeping your palms separate. Many world leaders do this to convey confidence.

Walk: Walk with confidence at your own pace. Don’t shuffle or drag your feet. Hold your head high and look forward, not down. Keep your shoulders back and stomach tucked in.

At the LOA Centre, Malaysia, we believe that you can use your body language to stay positive and build your attraction. As a first step, our coaches will help you recognise the power of the mind-body connection. Next, they will show you how you can use it to your advantage with the Law of Attraction.

Once you know your own body language and what you may have been doing wrong, you can start making simple changes that will not only help you feel more confident, but reset your entire “vibe”.

A vibe is a word used to describe the longer word vibration. The word vibe is also often used to describe a mood or feeling. There are two (2) types of vibes; positive (+ve) and negative (-ve). What this means is that every mood or feeling you experience causes you to send out a vibration, either positive or negative and at any one time, you can only send out one such vibe, either positive or negative.

Once you start using positive body language, you send out positive vibes to those around you. People are naturally attracted to positive body language and confidence, so in turn, others and the universe at large, will respond by reciprocating your positivity.

So in order to start attracting good things to you, work on making your body language positive and confident. In fact, make “changing your body language” your personal project this week. You’ll soon notice that just by changing several body language habits, you can change your entire mood and gain more from life!

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